Challenges - Supervisor

  • Advertisers demand visual proof of advertising
  • Digital Camera images do not provide location details and there is delay in rendering images
  • Delay in receiving payment for completed work as there is no authentic way to report work completion

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Exact location of advertising site unknown hence time is wasted in location sites
  • Search for connectivity points like Cyber Cafe for uploading images
  • Delay in processing conveyance claims if tickets/bills are misplaced


Technopurple's Effy was used to track person per vehicle per constituency to capture the details of the rally which helped in defining the reach of the campaign.

For more efficiency Effy gave a feature of image upload which captured the number of supporters attending the campaign at various location was marked on the map along with lotus.

Wherever rally was conducted lotus indicated it's reach. Along with lotus it also showed the image proof with vidhan sabha, panchayat, landmark, number of people and handbills, stickers and badges distributed. There were approx 11,000 lotus captured and marked during the campaign.

Report of form with geo-tagged proof of advertising can be viewed with asset name, user name, form name and entry time, location and co-ordinates. Supervisor can check the number of campaigns and duration spent on each site.

Effy helps Advertising Companies submit geo-tagged proof of advertising in form of Image Memo watermarked with Date, Time Stamp, Location. Even on a 2G connections, images get uploaded to Cloud Server instantly from the Mobile App preventing visits to Cyber Cafe for data upload and helps in faster processing of payments as Client is informed with real time authentic visual proof. Effy is also used by Field Staff for navigating themselves to the advertising site as site location relative to their current location is shown on the App

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