Challenges - Supervisor

  • Monitoring quality of Facility Management Cleaning Services for remote locations a challenge
  • Client Feedback and Relationship is based on performance of Field Staff hence quality of work is of utmost importance
  • Paper based Forms have no value as analysis, consolidation and escalation is time consuming and not cost effective
  • Manual allocation of work requires people to visit Office hence lower visits are done per day due to unnecessary travel

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Difficult to convince Client and Management about quality of work done as Paper Forms do not capture the essence of Service
  • If incentive is linked to number of services done then visiting Office for daily Work Schedule reduces earning
  • Getting Conveyance Claims processed can be a daunting task if papers are not in order


All the facility managers can be viewed on the map with their current location and status.

Facility managers can use Effy to upload details about work done using online dynamic forms. Supervisor can generate consolidated report about the process of work done along with photographic evidence.

Report of photographic evidence that are uploaded by the Facility manager on completion of work can be viewed along with details like time, note, location, co-ordinate and view on map.

Effy helps Facility Management / Cleaning / Maintenance Services Companies in building stronger relationship with Clients by proving quality of work with authentic, automatic field data capturing tools. Due to lack of real time information flow, Clients doubt the services being offered and this friction results in delay of payments or termination of contract. By digitizing the paper based form, Field Staff can capture response on App itself and Supervisors can insist on capturing photographic evidence based on response to a question. In case there is violation of critical business rule, escalation can be invoked to Supervisor as well as Client for further action and prompt resolution.

On Field Staff can achieve higher rate of services by avoid visiting Office and instead get daily Work Schedule directly on their App. At the end of the day, a summary can be generated on number of Client premises visited, MIS submitted, violations reported and distance travelled for faster payment processing. Transparency is the most important take away on implementation of this system where good is appreciated and bad is highlighted.s

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