Challenges - Supervisor

  • Lower Sales Visit per Day
  • Manual Order Booking results in delay in consolidating orders thereby disturbing Demand Supply Cycle
  • Identification of zones where product availability is low
  • High Conveyance Cost
  • Lack of Authentic Proof of Advertising, Competitor Product Positioning, Damaged Products

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Time wastage due to manual paper based order booking
  • Delay in processing conveyance claims if tickets/bills are misplaced
  • Locating Retail, Dealer, Distributor location for new staff


Reports can be generated for the entire day of Sales Executive to check the number of meetings with entry-exit time and duration with each client.

Sales Executives can be viewed on the map with their current location and status.

The entire track of the Sales Executive inclusive of start point, end point and total distance travelled can be viewed on the map.

Effy helps FMCG Companies in increasing the Sales but improving the number of visits per person per day and automating the manual sales processes. All the Retailers / Dealers / Distributors can be added on map by the Field Sales Staff or Supervisor using the My Place feature. This process highlights the reach of product or service and also highlights zones where product is unavailable and there is potential need to identify Retailers in dark zones to boost sales. Manual paper based order booking process results in delays as order booking information and consolidated data does not reach across hierarchy instantly. With digitized forms, all information about products, pricing, credit limit will be available on the App after fetching from the Company ERP / SAP System and Field Sales Staff can punch in order with geo-tagged proof from the Retail Outlet itself.

During the visit, if any damaged / expired product is reported by the Retailer, the Sales Executive can take a geo-tagged photograph and upload it on Server for approval from Supervisor before disbursement of refund. Similar image memos can be taken for capturing market intelligence regarding competitor product and their placement, advertising etc. Field Staff and Supervisors can be as peace with regards to Conveyance Bills as Effy gives automated daily, monthly, quarterly distance travelled report with accurate GPS movement logs. Multiple Supervisor Login can be created and Field Sales Executives can be grouped as per Region, Product, Division and allocated to particular Supervisor. Also, Retail Outlets can be grouped as per region and allocated to Field Sales Executive for using as navigation tool to easily reach assigned client locations.

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