Challenges - Supervisor

  • Risk of Jewellery being stolen and no way to locate the thief
  • Location of Jewellery in Transit can only be found by calling the Field Staff and information given may not be accurate
  • Proof of delivery is paper based and unreliable

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Liability in case Jewellery is misplaced is on Field Staff


Route can be marked with geofence boundaries of the Sales Executive travelling from location A to location B with High Value Goods. Alerts will be generated if he diverts from the marked geofence boundaries.

Effy helps Jewellers by providing real time GPS location of the Jewellery in transit with accuracy of 10 mtrs which can be seen on worldwide Google Enterprise Maps along with Satellite Imagery. Other technology solutions provide location using Cell Tower Triangulation (Cell ID) and give location in 10 KM radius. In case the Jewellery is stolen, Mobile with Effy app hidden in the bag will keep sending location information helping Jeweller and Security agencies to promptly locate the bag. Also, if the battery in them mobile phone runs low, Jeweller gets Low Battery Alert at predefined threshold with the location.

Once the Jewellery is delivered, geo-tagged Image Memo is captured which proves the delivery at the desired destination. Geo Fencing helps in triggering Email/SMS alerts to the consigner - consignee regarding entry of Jewellery in destination store, area or city.

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