Challenges - Supervisor

  • Lower Sales due to Lower Doctor / Pharmacy Visits per Medical Representative (MR)
  • No proof of delivery of Gift to Doctor
  • Challenge to train new MRs about visit locations, client history or older MR
  • Manual Order Booking results in delayed order closure and delivery
  • Visit of MR necessary to take order from Pharmacy as Pharmacy is not equipped with Technology
  • Call based Attendance of on field MRs leads to errors and becomes a burden on the Pharmaceutical Company

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Lack of appreciation as performance is linked to Sales and effort put on field is not visible to management
  • Delay in reimbursement of Conveyance for MRs / Sales Executives operating from remote location
  • No way to report genuine damaged / expired products with visual proof
  • Lower Visits per Day due to high waiting time at each Doctor Clinic / Hospital
  • No tool available to navigate Doctor / Hospital / Pharmacy locations as remembering hundreds of them is a daunting task


All the information gathered by the Sales Executive as a location proof on the field can be viewed as a report which includes updated time, location with coordinates and also view on map.

Sales Executive can capture images with location, description, date and time submitted as location proof. Image proof can be viewed on the map.

Sales Executive can update their meeting discussion at the client site in the form of a note which will be immediately uploaded at the server and the supervisor can check the same on the portal.

Effy helps Pharmaceutical Companies operating in wider geographical regions in increasing the revenue per Medical Representative moving on the field. For Pharma Companies, Sales is directly linked to the number of Doctor visits MRs do and Effy helps in increasing visits per day by reducing waiting time that an MR has to spend at Clinic / Hospital, highlighting inefficient travel routes and time wasted by MRs enroute. When the MR enters the Clinic around which a virtual boundary has been marked on Map, the Doctor gets alert message directly on his cell phone about the entry. With this geo tagged and accurate information, the Doctor can promptly call the MR in cabin and complete the regular briefing. If any corporate gift is handed over to the Doctor, Pharma company can ensure the right gift reaches the intended audience by asking the MR to capture a geo tagged evidence Image and upload it to the Sever.

Duration for which the App is kept ON, distance travelled, Entry - Exit Report of Clinics visited can be an authentic indicator of attendance, conveyance processing and active working by MR even at the remotest location. For MRs, even if the Sales is not upto the mark, the effort on field will highlight shortcoming of the product marketed by the Pharma company in comparison to the competition. All the Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies when marked as My Places can greatly help in understanding the reach of product and also assist in navigation to a particular point of interest. At the Pharmacy, a Mobile with Effy App and customized order booking form can be used to placed order for items running low on inventory.

This will eliminate the frequent visits required by MRs for order booking and each packet of data is with location aware helping in checking the authenticity of same. When the MRs visit Pharmacy, geo tagged images can be captured about damaged / expired items, competitor products and their branding placements in shop which will help the Company to design better marketing plans and capture available free space in shops. Field Users can be grouped based on their location, product, pharmacies they visit and multiple supervisor login can be created based on the group they wish to monitor.

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