Challenges - Supervisor

  • Lower Sales Visits Per Day
  • No reporting of work done hence no follow up on progress possible
  • Difficult to train new Sales Staff about location of Client on field
  • High cost of Conveyance
  • Manual Sales Order Form and delayed decision making

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Delay in clearance of Conveyance Bills due to misplaced or non-availability of tickets
  • Lack of appreciation of effort being put on field and there is no trust on visit data submitted by Sales Staff
  • Difficult to reach Client place for new Sales Staff as exact location is not known


Geofence marked around client premises generate alerts about the time, the sales executive entered and exited the client premises. Reports can be generated for the entire day to check the number of meetings and duration with each client.

Sales Executives can take orders online with a in-built order form, which is marked on the map and also available as report for the order processing staff to process the orders immediately.

All client locations can be marked and viewed on the map. It helps to identify the market and the product reach. It helps a new sales executive with a ready list of clients and locations to cater.
Visually it also helps to identify the grey areas, product demand and reach.

Effy helps Companies involved in Sales to achieve higher Client visits per day by highlighting inefficiencies in the visit pattern. For Sales Staff who are committed to their job they need not explain reason for low sales to their Management as the effort they put on the field is clearly evident from the Places Visited Report created by Entry - Exit of Geo Fence. Supervisors can view Text Memo uploaded by Sales Staff after meeting and can use these Memos for following up and order closure. Also, for Staff residing in remote location, Conveyance Bills can be automatically processed without submission of tickets as the Web Portal will show accurate distance travelled with speed using GPS coordinates.

Effy is also used by Sales Staff for navigating themselves to the Client place. All the Client places are added as My Places and Client location relative to their current location is shown on the App. Sales Process can be automated by digitizing the manual order booking forms and creating user defined reports for analysing the data by applying various filters.

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