Challenges - Supervisor

  • Lower Service Visits Per Day
  • Difficult to train new Service Staff about location of Client on field
  • No way to identify inefficient Service Staff
  • Manual Service Allocation and Completion Form and delayed data processing, payments

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Delay in clearance of Conveyance Bills due to misplaced or non-availability of tickets
  • Difficult to reach Client place for new Service Staff as exact location is not known
  • Wastage of time in filling paper based Service Forms with data about Client and activity performed


Service Executive of financial companies can renew policies online with in-built renew policy form, which is marked on the map. The processing staff is immediately updated of the renewal of the client.

Reports are generated of the forms that are renewed by the Service Executive at the clients end.

All Service Executive can be viewed on the map with their current location and status.

The entire track of the day of the Service Executive with location including starting point, end point and total distance travelled can be viewed on the map.

Effy helps Service Sector Companies in planning field services efficiently by highlighting loop holes, identifying the good performers and train the non performers. Service schedule is uploaded from the Office and all the Service Staff on field can know the work without visiting office. Also, work can be dynamically allocated using the real time position of Service Staff. Number of visits per day can be automatically calculated with the duration using the Entry - Exit event triggered by Geo Fences. Staff who are spending more than stipulated time for service can be called for training and efficiency can be increased. Huge cost can be saved on Conveyance as the Web Portal gives accurate distance travelled by each Service Staff and if a particular one is not going on field for few days, Conveyance payment can be stopped. Good amount of time can be saved if manual consolidation of service related data like Forms is prevented.

Instead Forms can be digital on the App and even the Client can get live access to data related to completion of work which finally will lead to faster payments. Data filling errors can be avoided as Client details can populated automatically and data can be captured using radio buttons, drop down menu and check box. Effy is also used by Service Staff for navigating themselves to the Client place. All the Client places are added as My Places and Client location relative to their current location is shown on the App. Image Memo serves a good evidence about the status before starting the service and another one captured for completion of service. This clarity of information gets appreciated from everyone including the Client.

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