Challenges - Supervisor

  • Under Utilization of Cab results in Lower Revenue per Cab
  • Liability on Cab Company if Cab Driver misbehaves or drives rashly
  • Dynamic Allocation of Passenger not possible as location of Cabs not known in real time
  • Loss of Trust & Reputation as Passengers prefer Cab Companies who invest in safety of Passengers
  • Complaint from Client due to delay in delivery of goods
  • Rash driving and compromising safety of goods
  • High cost of dedicated Vehicle Tracking Device and requirement of service in remote location due to tampering
  • Delay in getting proof of delivery as it is paper based and related payment delays

Challenges-Field Staff

  • Lower Trips results in lower earning for Driver
  • Delay in locating customer location in unknown area wastes fuel as well as time
  • Drivers lose clients if they are away from Cab as traditional Radio Taxi Service requires Cab Driver to be present in Car
  • Drivers get distracted as they have to continuously update Supervisors / Delivery Point about current location on Phone Call and carry the risk of meeting an accident
  • In case of emergency, Driver / Cleaner may not be in a position to call and update the location
  • Good drivers and bad drivers are all treated the same and hence there is no incentive to perform better and safer


Displays the details of all vehicles with there status i.e engine on, engine off and inactive, its current location, speed and map view of the track.

All the vehicles can be viewed on the map with their current location and status.

Entire track of the moving vehicle with start point, end point and total distance travelled can be viewed on the map.

Effy helps Cab Drivers earn more by getting Passenger enquiries even when they are not in the Cab as enquiries can be shown directly on the Mobile App with possibility to Accept or Reject the request. Once a particular trip is complete, Cab Company can dynamically allocate new Passenger enquiry to Cab closest to the Passenger thereby reducing empty Cab runs. If the Cab Driver is unfamiliar with the locality, Supervisor can add the location pointer on Map from Office and Cab Driver can navigate to passenger location without asking anyone enroute. Effy helps in building a professional image by sending Alerts to Passengers at important events like Confirming of Booking, Driver Details, Arrival of Cab and Completion of Trip. All alerts possible from traditional, but expensive Vehicle Tracking System can be generated with easy to use, portable and inexpensive Mobile Tracking System like Over Speeding, Mileage Calculator, Waiting Time Calculator, SOS - Panic Button, Route Deviation, Start - Stop Button for Trip etc. At the end of the Trip, bill can be sent as Email / SMS with details like distance travelled, time taken including waiting time. Prompt action can be taken on errant drivers by appropriate counselling and training so that safety of Passengers is not compromised.

Effy helps Logistics Companies in making their vehicles GPS equipped without the need to invest in expensive Vehicle Tracking Devices. Also, a dedicated GPS Device is prone to tampering and requires regular servicing which might be difficult if the vehicle is at remote location. With Effy, Driver can be given an Android Mobile which is dual purpose for Calling as well as Tracking. For finding the location of vehicle, the Supervisor need not call the Driver and increase the risk of accident. Instead just log on to Web Portal and track the live movement of vehicle with accuracy of 10 mtrs with the percentage of battery in the mobile phone. Also, Mobile is a far more stable, tested and reliable hardware than a Vehicle Tracking Device and that too at a cheaper cost. All the basic features of Vehicle Tracking Device are available in Effy App like Over Speeding Alert, Distance Travelled, Route Deviation, Entry - Exit alert. Pick Up Points & Delivery Points can be updated with Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) so forward planning and better management. With continuous monitoring, Logistic Companies can offer incentive to drivers with good performance and penalise the ones with risky behaviour. After delivery of goods and signature on Proof of Delivery (PoD) document, Drivers can just click an Photographic Proof of delivery which gets uploaded on Server instantly and Logistic Company can immediately pitch for release of payment.

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