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FMCG / Pharma Order Booking is crucial to match market demand with supply of products. FMCG / Pharma executives are vital “feet on street” who give visibility to your offering in a crowded marketplace. Companies need to ensure the field workforce is equipped with the right technology tools for real-time demand tracking
Challenges of FMCG & Pharma Managers
  • Workforce Presence in Market Unknown
  • Lack of Proof of Store Visit and Merchandising
  • Time Consuming process to Consolidate Paper DSR
  • Lost Sales Revenue due to Absence of Beat Plans

Why FMCG & Pharma Companies Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more orders per day!

Attendance & Incentives

Ensure team is present in the target market for optimum working hours each day and reward executive achieving attendance, outlet visit and sales revenue target
Attendance & Incentives
Live Location and Conveyance Tracking

Live Location and Conveyance Tracking

Track distance covered by workforce using GPS and settle expense bills swiftly by linking monthly claims with productive and non-productive retail store visits

Geo-Tagging Outlets and Visit Tracking

Visualize geographical reach of products by the mapping spread of outlets on Maps along with photo from multiple angles and capture the entry – exit time of each visit
Geo-Tagging Outlets and Visit Tracking
Beat Route Planning and Journey Compliance

Beat Route Planning and Journey Compliance

Group outlets based on sales potential / travel convenience, push visit tasks on employee phone wherein merchandising photo or order can only be taken from actual outlet location

Digital Order Booking and Out-of-Stock Alerts

Upload product categories and SKUs with pricing and share real-time, automated reports with distributors about orders taken, stock available at retail outlets in their network
Digital Order Booking and Out-of-Stock Alerts
BI Dashboards for Quick Analysis and Decisions

BI Dashboards for Quick Analysis and Decisions

Slice and dice data to easily extract - region wise, distributor wise, beat wise, employee wise and outlet wise (billed / non billed) sales information and fine tune marketing strategy

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of FMCG / Pharma sales team salary, EFFY guarantees unrivalled improvement in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your field sales staff.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Identification of Sales Superstars

Remove the guesswork in identifying committed sales staff by using system reports that highlight relevant KPIs

Boost in Daily Store Visit Count

Scheduling of daily sales visits as tasks ensures entire universe of retail outlets are covered as per sales potential

Higher Average Sales Per Store

App intelligently compares SKUs ordered in current visit with past orders so that team can strike relevant conversations to upsell

Efficient Inventory Distribution

Get alerts when inventory on shelf of hypermarkets is low or stock-out for particular SKUs so that supplies can be prioritized
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