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Service is a critical activity that generally happens behind the scene. If there is any disruption preventive or reactive maintenance services, its impact is felt far and wide. Companies need to ensure field service workforce is equipped with the right technology tools for real-time efficiency tracking.
Challenges of Service Managers
  • Under-utilization of Service Workforce
  • Spending Too Much or Too Less Time at Service Location
  • Costly Management of Paper based Service Reports
  • Unexpected Breakdowns due to Skipped Services

Why Service Companies Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more services per employee!

Attendance with Facial Recognition

Ensure service team reports for work at allocated time and assigned site location by using geo fence based attendance marking with selfie authentication.
Attendance with Facial Recognition
Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-Time Location Tracking

Track movement and distance travelled by a service team on Google Map with functionality of live ETA sharing for better management of customer anxieties.

Geo-Tagging Assets

Validate presence of a technician on site before job reporting starts using geo fence boundary and measure time spent at each location automatically to flag deviations
Geo-Tagging Assets
Dynamic Location Based Task Allocation

Dynamic Location Based Task Allocation

Assign emergency reactive work orders automatically to skilled manpower available nearer to the breakdown location at the click of a button

Digital Service Form and PDF Report

Skip paper based service reports instead digitally capture the service details, before – after photo / video proof, customer signature and share instant pdf service report
Digital Service Form and PDF Report
Analytical Supervisor Portal with Service Insights

Analytical Supervisor Portal with Service Insights

Get instant alert on task rescheduling or job expiry and monitor rich BI dashboards on admin panel to optimize utilization of the field service workforce.

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of service team salary, EFFY guarantees marked improvement
in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your field service team.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Increased Workforce Utilization

Evenly distribute service orders across the field workforce based on proximity to client location and expertise

Reduced Service Frauds

Job order opens on app only when the technician scans the asset bar code and customer feedback can be captured using OTP

Impressive PDF Service Report

Without getting lost in heaps of paper, extract digital service report of any service by any mechanic training and audit

Improved SLA Performance

Avoid penalties and improve customer satisfaction by completing all preventive / reactive maintenance services before overdue limits
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Your Committed Technicians and Supervisors will love it !

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